Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pumpkin Carving with the Engels

Tonight after church we decided to carve pumpkins. Lily wanted to make a princess pumpkin with the Mr. Potato Head like princess pumpkin parts. After she was done, she was NOT happy that she didn't need to draw, cut or clean-out on her pumpkin - and was especially upset when she didn't get a candle in hers! (Next year Lily will not use these pieces!) Madison told me step by step what she wanted hers to look like. And Don, who had never carved a pumpkin until we got married (how is that even possible?) made a very interesting pumpkin, as always. Mine and Taegan's pumpkins were not carved. We decided Taegan's baby pumpkin is too small and I just like leaving mine uncarved so I can use it to decorate until Thanksgiving. We all had a blast, especially me when I was watching the girls' reaction when they put their hands in the pumpkins to pull out the "guts". So much fun... something we will all remember years from now and a great end to our day!

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