Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haircut Time

Today we had Taegan's hair cut for the first time. We were hoping he would do okay, but he did NOT! He screamed throughout the entire process! The only reason it turned out so great is because Bruce is so good at what he does. Oh well... at least it is done. Maybe it will be better next time?

Here we go... He didn't even like having the cape put on!!

Nope, still doesn't like it!

We took the cape off - didn't help!

It was about this time, I asked Don to put the camcorder down and help me hold him still. He is a very strong little guy!

Here he is after it was all over. Not happy and very red from all the screaming! What a sad face!

Bruce gave him a piece of candy and it didn't seem to help. =(

This morning when the girls found out that Taegan was going to get his haircut, they decided they wanted their haircut too. I was shocked! Neither Madison or Lily would let me even trim their hair, so it was a complete surprise that they wanted it cut. Lily had a couple inches cut off hers and Madison had around 5 inches cut off hers. She was tired of her hair always being in her face, so I hope this helps! Here they are, just like big girls!

And here they are when it was all done. What an exciting Saturday!

Hoedown Throwdown!!

Madison's Upward cheerleading squad performed this dance last Saturday during half-time. I thought it turned out really cute and she had so much fun!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


It is that time again. Upwards Cheerleading time!!! Madison was so excited for the games to start again so she had a chance to cheer. She loves everything about it - the tumbling, the dancing, the outfits!! Don and I are really happy with her coaches and how organized and devoted they are for such young girls. These are pictures from her first game last Saturday. I will update with a video next week. (They are doing a halftime dance and I'm sure it will be cute!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is how I found Taegan one day last week. He apparently had backed into the lazy susan in our kitchen and then tried to sit down and got stuck! He wasn't making any noise, he was just sitting there. I saw him and started toward him to let him out, but then stopped. I had to find my camera and take a picture of him. He just looked so pathetic. One sock on, and one off - just sitting there with a sad look on his face. So I left the kitchen and found my camera, came back and took his picture. What a silly boy!!!