Friday, August 21, 2009

My Children's Interesting Habits

I know all babies go through interesting phases, most of which you just have to ignore and eventually they will stop doing it. Well, a few days ago when I was blogging about our trip to the zoo, I got ready to post a picture of Don and the kids and I started really looking at the picture.

Here it is...
Notice anything wrong with it? My baby has his finger up his nose! Yes, that is our new trick. He loves doing it, anytime, anywhere. I've tried stopping him, tried ignoring him, nothing is working so far. I picked him up last weekend from the nursery at church and he had his finger up his nose the entire way through the church. You gotta love it!!

But he's not the only Engel baby to have a bad habit! Lily had a great one too. She would give mean looks to everyone. We would be walking through the grocery store and someone would smile at her and say how cute she was and this is what she would do...

They would normally just walk on. Some people would smile, but that really isn't the reaction you would expect when you smiled and said "hi" to a baby. Oh well... she eventually stopped giving the mean looks and Taegan will stop picking his nose (at least all the time) too!

Here is one more picture of Lily giving one of her faces. (The adorable chunky baby on her right... her best friend Brennen, of course!!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Madison's First Day of 1st Grade!!

Well, she is officially a first grader now. School started this morning and she was so excited. I can't believe my little girl who use to hide under the changing table in the nursery and not ever come out (even for snack time) is now going off to school, for the 2nd year, without a hint of apprehension. Wow, have we come a long way!!

We had to get a couple really quick pictures this morning. It was raining all morning and we caught it at a quick lull to snap these pictures.

After another huge front moved in, we all climbed into the van and waited at the end of the driveway for the bus. Madison decided to wear her raincoat! Here are her and Lily waiting on the bus.

When the bus finally came - Don ran out and braved the storm to get a quick picture for me. Happy first day Madison. I hope you have a fantastic year!!

Last Week of Summer Vacation Activities!

I can't believe summer vacation is over. School has begun and so has our crazy schedule! I tried to make Madison's last week of summer really fun for her (and Lily and Taegan). It started out with a trip to the zoo last Saturday. It was so hot, but we made it and they had so much fun.

Taegan seems a little worried...

Lily and the chimp looking at each other.

Taegan loved the big cats!

The girls showing Taegan around the zoo. He is so spoiled!!

Then on Wednesday, we decided to go bowling and then have a picnic at the park. Note to self: my family does not like picnics (unless we can find some bug-free picnic spot)! They don't like bugs and certainly don't want to eat with them! I can't really blame them - I was trying to be the fun mom!

Lily getting her ball.

Don helping Taegan bowl. His first time!!

My 3 bowlers!!

Then on Thursday night, Madison had her "Meet the Teacher Night". We went up to the school and she/I put away all her school supplies and got to meet Mrs. Krueger. Here she is at her new desk.

Madison and Mrs. Krueger - she seemed so nice!

Finally, on Friday we went and played putt-putt at Safari Golf. They really enjoyed it, especially the fact we were the only people there! I think their favorite part was running over the hills on one particular hole. I finally had to make them stop so we could move on. After this we finished off our day by meeting Don for lunch in Lawrence.

I hope they all had a great summer and now... bring on the school year!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Boy... the shopper!!

Don and I did a lot of shopping last weekend when the girls were in Minnesota. We had unloaded all the bags into our chair and this is what happened...

I just thought I would share with all you parents of little girls out there... Taegan is practicing to be an awesome boyfriend/husband. He apparently loves carrying bags and lots of them!!

He loved playing in the bags!!

Isn't this adorable?!?

He is even carrying monkey!

Taegan and Daddy walking along at Legends.