Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kings Kids Choir Spring Musical

It's that time of year again. The kids have worked hard since January and last Sunday was the big performance. Madison practiced and practiced to get this one particular solo. She tried out and actually got it! She was so excited!! Then the new choir director asked us if Lily would be willing to do this one part where they needed a little kid to pretend to say "Oh No!" Lily was even more excited than her sister! She has wanted to be a part of KKC since we took it over. She still has one more year to wait, but she was so happy to get to rehearse with them!! They both did so great!!

Lily was so worried people were going to laugh at her, but she seemed to handle it well. She was SO funny!!! I think what cracked me up even more was how serious she looked!!

Madison has no fear in front of a crowd of people. I could never get up there and sing a solo! She must take after her dad!! She did so great!!

Now that both choirs are over we have our Sunday evenings free again for the summer. That makes this mommy so happy!!!!!