Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy late Halloween everyone!! This year for Halloween Don and I "helped" Madison and Lily decide to be Hannah Montana when we purchased extremely expensive tickets to the Miley Cyrus concert. I thought if we bought them cute outfits for the concert, then they could use them again and be Hannah Montana for Halloween. So, we bought them each pink boots, a shirt, scarf and a Hannah Montana wig. It ended up that Miley got strep and had to postpone her concert to a night we couldn't make it, so they only used them as Halloween costumes. They both loved dressing up and were so excited that I even put makeup on them and some fake nails that Madison had received as a birthday present. They looked so cute!! Taegan's costume was picked by us too. Don and I saw the dalmatian costume at Old Navy and tried it on Taegan and fell in love. He looked so cute that day and was even cuter on Halloween when the whole outfit was on and I made a little nose with a black marker. We headed out to go trick or treating and met up with the Ross family. Madison and Lily knew exactly what to do. Taegan's first house was Bob and Lisa's next door neighbor and while waiting to get his candy, he fell off the porch and into the bushes. He wasn't hurt and it was actually so cute to look at this little puppy dog in the bushes!! I tried taking a picture, but I couldn't get there fast enough. Once he hit up a few house, he really started enjoying it. He just kept looking in his bag and couldn't believe that people were giving him candy!!! They all had a great time and then we came back home and had dinner with Grandpa and Grandma. The girls have already asked how many more days until Halloween. I've decided maybe we should count down until Thanksgiving instead!!

Madison as Hannah Montana~Lily as Hannah Montana too~Taegan from behind... I just love it!!!Taegan as a dalmatian - so, so cute!!!Spot - close up!My beautiful Hannah Montanas!!!All 3 kids ready to go!!!What a group!!All 8 dressed up and ready to get candy!Taegan stopping to check his basket. He was good as long as he could hold a piece of candy.Don and Taegan...They all had so much fun!!

Pre-Halloween Activities

Madison's Halloween parade at school was inside this year (it was so cold outside). Don, Lily, Taegan and I were there to watch and then I stayed to help with the Halloween party in her classroom. She had such a great time. They played all kinds of fun games and of course got some candy too! Here are some pictures of all the fun!

The next day we did our annual pumpkin carving at the Engel house. I helped Lily carve her pumpkin and surprisingly, I came up with something actually creative! I'm normally a triangle eyes, nose and regular mouth kind of girl, but she and I worked together and this is the creation we made. Lily really, really, wanted ears, so I made sure she had some. Madison and Don made her pumpkin - so cute!! (Notice that both of the girls' pumpkins have eyelashes!!) And then Don, who had never carved a pumpkin until I met him, made this interesting creation. The girls thought it was so funny!!! Mommy, Taegan and Reese's didn't get carved. We left them whole so we can save them as decorations for Thanksgiving. We all had a great time, as always and we all loved the result when they were all lit up that night!!!