Thursday, June 18, 2009

Look Out World... Here He Comes!!

Well, it happened... Taegan took his first real steps and is now attempting to walk everywhere before crawling. He will still crawl if he falls, but we have officially entered the "toddler" phase. Oh so sad, my baby is growing up too fast!! Here is a video of some of his first attempts.

As you can tell, his sisters are really excited about it. (Although Madison would still prefer to carry him everywhere.) She has told me many times lately that she really misses Reese and I think Taegan growing up is part of the reason. She misses that little baby that Reese was and that is how she still thinks of her. Reese will always be her baby sister that never gets bigger.

Speaking of sisters, you can tell that Taegan is surrounded by girl stuff right now because one of his favorite things to do is dance to Hannah Montana. This show seems to be on a lot in our house right now. He definitely has music in his blood and can already shake his booty just like his daddy!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Picture Time

Early Saturday morning we had new family pictures taken. Not my brightest idea. All of us had to be up and ready - looking nice - and to the museum by 8:00! Our last ones were a year ago and Taegan has changed so much since then! (He was only a month old then.) We had Melissa from Centerpiece Photography take our pictures again. They turned out great. Here are a few outtakes from the sitting.

If you would like to view the entire gallery, please go to and click on the access gallery link. We are the Engel Museum gallery and the password is: engelmuseum1

Hope you enjoy!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Taegan's Pool Time Take 2

Last summer when Taegan was barely a month old we tried putting him in the girls' pool on our deck. He hated it! He screamed and screamed. I found out that little babies aren't that fond of cool/cold pool water. So, needless to say, we didn't do a lot of swimming with Taegan last summer. So... I thought this year would be different. Well, not really. We got him all ready Sunday afternoon in his cute little board shorts and went outside for an afternoon of family pool time. He was so excited watching his sisters play in the pool on the deck. He just stood at the door and laughed and screamed with delight.

I thought the pool water would be nice and warm, but the sun had already gone behind our house so our deck was covered in shade and it wasn't as warm as I had hoped. We went ahead and put him in and this is what we got...

More screaming!! Then he stood up and tried climbing out of the pool! He wanted nothing to do with swimming or the pool.
So, I guess we'll try again another time. He loves baths, so if I can just find a way to heat a plastic, inflatable pool - we should be set!