Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lily and Santa

Today Lily and I were eating lunch together and she turns to me and asks, "Is Santa a girl or a boy?" I told her he was a boy and she just sat there. Then she says, "When I'm a mommy, I'm going to turn Santa into a girl." I replied with, "Oh really..." And she said, "Yes, but he'll have to hold still." It just really makes me wonder how Lily thinks this happens. The things that go through kids heads. What does she think of, that doesn't come out of her mouth?!

By the way, I asked her later how she would turn Santa into a girl and she replied, "With a magic wand!". (Why did I even need to ask!)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Programs

Sorry it has been so long since my last post! We have been so busy around here with all kinds of Christmas programs and just regular everyday life. Don leads the Kings Kids Choir (1st through 6th graders) at our church and they performed their Christmas program on Sunday morning. They did a fantastic job! Don and I are so proud of them and also so glad to have a small break before we start back up in January. This is a picture of the kids in the choir with Don. If you look closely you'll see Don's shirt. I bought it for him at the MOPS convention. It is great!! It says... "My Wife Rocks!". Don't you just love it?!?

The same day before the kids' choir performed, the Little Shepherd's Choir performed as well. This is the choir that Madison is in (4 years old to Kindergarten) and they sang 3 songs. They all dressed up like little shepherds and were so cute! It may be hard to tell which one Madison is, but she is the one in red (on the right) in these pictures.

And then the next night was Madison's very first Holiday program at school. All the kindergarten classes perform together and they did so great! Everyone was all dressed up and looking so cute. Again, I'm sure it's really hard to tell, but Madison is on the front row in a sleeveless dress (I know, I know, but she refused to where the cardigan I bought her!).

Here is a picture of her and her best friend, Faith. They are so funny together and so cute. They are waiting in line to see Santa after the program was over. The actual program lasts about 15 minutes, but then you stand around for another 45 minutes so that your child can see and talk to Santa for about 30 seconds or so! The things you do as parents!!
We had a few problems getting any good pictures of the school program. Personally, I think we just need a new, very good camera, but there's the whole problem of being able to afford it! Then, on top of that, someone (me) forgot to check and make sure there was enough room left on the tape for the camcorder so we ran out of that too! So, here is the last bit of the performance that we captured on our digital camera that was taking such horrible pictures. Enjoy!!