Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lily and Santa

Today Lily and I were eating lunch together and she turns to me and asks, "Is Santa a girl or a boy?" I told her he was a boy and she just sat there. Then she says, "When I'm a mommy, I'm going to turn Santa into a girl." I replied with, "Oh really..." And she said, "Yes, but he'll have to hold still." It just really makes me wonder how Lily thinks this happens. The things that go through kids heads. What does she think of, that doesn't come out of her mouth?!

By the way, I asked her later how she would turn Santa into a girl and she replied, "With a magic wand!". (Why did I even need to ask!)

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Laura Fluke said...

that is so cute! And I know what you mean, Gaby recently started asking how Mia was born, I gave her the daddy and mommy love each other blah blah and she replies, "is it when you're kiiiissssssiiinnnngggg??" gotta love kids!