Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Madison's First Lost Tooth!!

Madison has had 2 loose teeth for a couple months now, but finally lost the first one last week! She had been wiggling and wiggling for days, and it finally popped out. It is kind of hard to tell in this picture (her permanent teeth are already coming in!) but here is her smile with her first baby tooth out.

She was so excited for the tooth fairy to come. She just kept asking us how the tooth fairy would know she lost her tooth. We just told her, she would know. That night she put her tooth in the tooth fairy pillow that Grandma made her and went to sleep... well eventually. I went up later to lay Taegan down and Madison came out of her room crying. She didn't want the tooth fairy to take her tooth. She didn't care if that meant she didn't get any money, she wanted to keep her tooth. So, I told her that the tooth fairy would know she wanted to keep it, not to worry and go to sleep.

Surprise, surprise... the next morning there was one dollar in her tooth fairy pillow and the tooth fairy had left the tooth in the container we had kept it in until Madison went to bed. (This was a plastic baby food container that had apples in it for Taegan.) It was so cute, Madison came downstairs the next morning, so happy, showed me the dollar bill and told me to open the container and smell in there... she said it smelled like the tooth fairies makeup/perfume. (It smelled like apples, but she was so in awe!!) Oh, and I got woken up at 2:15 in the morning by Madison to tell me that the tooth fairy had come and she got a dollar!! I tried really hard to act excited and surprised, but it was the middle of the night and really... I wasn't surprised!!


Katie Franke said...

I can't believe she already lost a tooth!! I can still picture her walking in our kitchen with her hands in the arm when she first started walking!! LOL We are still waiting for Jonathan to lose one.

Laura Fluke said...

Our first tooth was such a huge deal too, and I cried... it was such a hard time realizing my oldest was growing up!