Monday, January 26, 2009

My Little Cheerleader!

This last Saturday was Madison's first Upwards cheerleading event of the season! She was a cheerleader last year and couldn't wait for it to start this year too! She woke up Saturday morning and first thing wanted to know if she could put on her uniform. I made her wait until after lunch so it wouldn't get dirty but also because she doesn't cheer every Saturday until 2:00!! I know, I know... horrible time, but I didn't get to pick.

She had her uniform laid out, ready to go since Friday afternoon. She was SOOOOO excited. Here she is just before the game.

Her favorite part of the game, by far, is when they announce all the cheerleaders names and they all run out into the gym. She is so cute and even though as the coach I am not having the time of my life, I am trying to see it through her eyes and to her, life couldn't get any better than this!! I know one day Don and I are probably going to go watch her cheer somewhere. Right now she says she wants to be a KU cheerleader, so we'll see.

Here she is with the rest of her team, the Sparkles. (Notice the wonderful coaching being done in the bottom-left of this picture!!)


Kristy said...

Cute pics! You may already know this, but the best advice I can give you is to get her in gymanstics at an early age. I know some can learn to tumble at any age, but I tried to learn too late. I hear over and over at what an early age kids started and they are usually amazing.

Laura Fluke said...

She looks so cute! I tried to get Gaby to do this program and she wanted nothing to do w/ it! She looks great! Have a fun time with it!