Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reese's Birthday~

She would have been 3 today. That is so hard to believe, but I guess time flies with your other children too, so why would it be any different with a child you don't get to see on a daily basis.

It is always really hard to decide how to celebrate her birthday. What do you buy, what do you do? This year we made t-shirts for Trisomy Awareness Month (March) and Reese's birthday. And today we bought balloons and flowers and went to visit her grave. It has become a tradition to release balloons on her birthday. The girls believe that the balloons will make their way to Heaven and Reese will get them. How sweet is that?

Here is a picture of her grave today after we decorated for her birthday.

Here are the balloons on their way to Reese.

The kids...
Both Madison and Lily said that they wished Reese was here so that we could have a big party for her birthday. What do you say to that? They really have handled this so well. We are blessed with 3 wonderful daughters and a terrific son!!
My brother took this picture of our family before we left. At least this year we are all looking in the direction of the camera. You should have seen last years picture!
After we left, we went to McDonalds to eat lunch. I figured what else would Reese have picked for lunch? She would have been 3 today. What do 3 year olds like? McDonalds!!
Happy Birthday Reese! Mommy and Daddy miss you and love you so much!!!!