Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Taegan Does When I'm Not Looking...

This could be quite a long list anymore. In his spare time lately, I have caught him:
  • unloading baskets of books
  • taking books off of shelves
  • taking all our shoes out of a storage cabinet
  • going through trash cans
  • emptying my magazine tote
  • re-organizing all my clothes I thought I had sorted
  • tearing apart pom-poms
  • pulling out all the Kleenex and then proceeding to eat them

Apparently he has too much free time! Then a few nights ago, I walked into the kitchen and found him staring at the adorable baby on the refrigerator door. Then he tried to kiss himself!! What a crazy boy!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Taegan's Finally Crawling

Taegan has been doing this weird form of crawling for about a month now. He will be on his belly, push up with his arms, sometimes get on his knees and then flop back down. He didn't ever make it very far with this form of moving, but this was fine with Mommy!
This is how he starts out - He is sitting and then flops forward and catches himself with his arms.
He gets up on his hands and knees...
And then flops forward on the floor - inching along slowly.
And then he starts all over... but he never seems to care.

He really is a happy baby and so handsome even if I do say so myself!!!

Well, as of Friday - Taegan is now really crawling - the correct way - and now can get around a lot quicker. He has already proved to be quite the trouble maker. Ah, the joys of a mobile baby!!