Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Don!!!

We really are lucky around our house... We have the best Daddy ever and the best husband that takes such great care of all of us!! He is such a busy guy, but always makes time for his family!! He is an IT guy at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, a student taking classes to get his District Minister's License and the Campus Pastor and Music Minister at Wanamaker Woods Church of the Nazarene in Osage City. That's all on top of all the things he volunteers for and everything his family involves him in!! =)

Here are just a few wonderful things you need to know about my amazing husband...

He LOVES KU!!!! I'm not sure that's even a strong enough description of his love for all things KU!!

He LOVES his kids and will do ANYTHING for them!! He also LOVES to dance and upon hearing music, can literally NOT stop himself from dancing to it. It's a sickness!!

He loves volunteering for field trips and pretty much anything to do with our kids. Also, kids LOVE him and just seem to flock to him - probably because he is so much fun!!

He loves his boy! He and Taegan are so cute to watch together!! I love those two!!

He loves anything to do with peanut butter and chocolate! It gets even better if they are together!!

He actually likes to shop too! Probably not as much as me, but he really does like shopping and I do realize how lucky I am!!

He loves football! College, NFL, Chiefs, Eagles, and of course, KU!!

He loves his girls! There is just something about the bond between a daddy and his daughters. He definitely is wrapped around those two little fingers!!

He is a WONDERFUL husband!! He puts up with me and all my craziness! We have been together for 10 1/2 years now and he's still here. I'd say that's something!!

He is always willing to help Madison with any school project, no matter what it is or how crazy it might be!

He loves being crazy with the kids! Sometimes I think I live with 4 kids!!

He is such a Godly man and an excellent example for our daughters of how a man should treat them and for Taegan of how he should treat a woman. It is amazing for me to see how God is working in his life. God has called him to be a music minister and the doors are definitely opening for that work.

He is such a fun dad! He is always willing to get out there and play/skate or do whatever his 3 kids want him to. What else could a kid ask for?

Happy Father's Day to our favorite Dad!! We all love you so much!!!!