Thursday, June 18, 2009

Look Out World... Here He Comes!!

Well, it happened... Taegan took his first real steps and is now attempting to walk everywhere before crawling. He will still crawl if he falls, but we have officially entered the "toddler" phase. Oh so sad, my baby is growing up too fast!! Here is a video of some of his first attempts.

As you can tell, his sisters are really excited about it. (Although Madison would still prefer to carry him everywhere.) She has told me many times lately that she really misses Reese and I think Taegan growing up is part of the reason. She misses that little baby that Reese was and that is how she still thinks of her. Reese will always be her baby sister that never gets bigger.

Speaking of sisters, you can tell that Taegan is surrounded by girl stuff right now because one of his favorite things to do is dance to Hannah Montana. This show seems to be on a lot in our house right now. He definitely has music in his blood and can already shake his booty just like his daddy!!

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