Friday, August 21, 2009

My Children's Interesting Habits

I know all babies go through interesting phases, most of which you just have to ignore and eventually they will stop doing it. Well, a few days ago when I was blogging about our trip to the zoo, I got ready to post a picture of Don and the kids and I started really looking at the picture.

Here it is...
Notice anything wrong with it? My baby has his finger up his nose! Yes, that is our new trick. He loves doing it, anytime, anywhere. I've tried stopping him, tried ignoring him, nothing is working so far. I picked him up last weekend from the nursery at church and he had his finger up his nose the entire way through the church. You gotta love it!!

But he's not the only Engel baby to have a bad habit! Lily had a great one too. She would give mean looks to everyone. We would be walking through the grocery store and someone would smile at her and say how cute she was and this is what she would do...

They would normally just walk on. Some people would smile, but that really isn't the reaction you would expect when you smiled and said "hi" to a baby. Oh well... she eventually stopped giving the mean looks and Taegan will stop picking his nose (at least all the time) too!

Here is one more picture of Lily giving one of her faces. (The adorable chunky baby on her right... her best friend Brennen, of course!!)

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Mommy to 4 boys and 1 little girl! said...

I LOVED that look! It's just such a stern face!!