Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lily is FOUR!!!

I can't believe my baby girl is 4 years old!! It feels like just yesterday she was born... What a day that was! I was scheduled to be induced since she was measuring so big and frankly... I was BIG!! My nurse promised me that I would eat lunch that day. That didn't happen. I started pushing before noon and didn't have Lily until 4:16 pm!!! She was a big baby, sunny side up, and her shoulders got stuck. Obviously she wasn't ready to come out!! (I also blame the epidural. I never got one with Reese or Taegan because of this!)

Anyway... here we are 4 years later. I decided to make a list of my 10 favorite things about Lily (in random order) to share with you.

1. Her smile.

2. How caring she is.

3. Her willingness to share.

4. The way she melts my heart just looking at her.

5. The way she loves her family and friends.

6. How passionate she is about life.

7. How she already knows what she wants to be when she grows up - a mommy. (Oh, and she is going to marry Brennen and has already planned out their wedding, reception and where they are going afterwards!)

8. The way she loves purses and shoes!

9. The way she loves babies.

10. The way she plays with her toys. I know this sounds funny, but she plays with her barbies, dolls, etc. the same way I played with mine. She has to have everything set up the way it would be in real life! And the fact that she plays all by herself so well!!!

That is by no means all of my favorite things about Lily, but that gives you a good idea of what a sweet little girl she really is. I'm so happy that God has blessed us with her and allowed me to be her mom!! I can't wait to see where she goes and what she does with life... or wait... maybe I can, because if the next 14 go as quick as the last 4... I'm not ready for that!!!

Happy Birthday Lily!!!! Mommy loves you more than you will ever know!!!

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Laura Fluke said...

't know how in everyday life time can drag the we celebrate birthdays and you just are in awe of how fast they grow! Lily is beautiful little girl. Your entire family is!!!