Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lily's Birthday Party!

This year when we sat Lily down to decide which birthday party theme she wanted, she looked through the party catalog many, many times and finally decided on "High School Musical". She was so excited for her party! We had really liked a face painter we met at the KU kickoff rally and hired her to come to Lily's party. Lily was first in line and couldn't wait. Most of the kids tried it and they all loved her! Madison and Lily went pretty crazy with it and ended up with painting all over their legs, arms, face, neck... everywhere!! Here is Lily getting her first creation.

Here she is with her High School Musical cake!

She received so many wonderful gifts from all her friends and family! Lily is really getting into organizing her Barbie stuff, so Nana and Papa got her this Barbie storage box. She loves it, but also loves to use it as a "suitcase" and wheel it around the house!! I just love that she seems to like organizing stuff!!!!

Lily had so much fun with everyone and has told me for her next birthday she wants a Hannah Montana party with the face painter again! I guess I can go ahead and start planning now!!

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