Thursday, November 6, 2008

Taegan is not a fan of cereal!!

After Taegan turned four months old, we did what we always do with our children - start them on cereal and baby food. Now, Madison was not the fondest of it at first, but eventually warmed up. Lily - she loved it from the start. And then there's Taegan. He hates it! The first couple bites he just had a look of "what is this stuff" on his face.

And instead of progressively getting used to it and starting to like it, this is what we got.

I really thought by now he would have warmed up to it, but no. I still can't get him to eat any. He doesn't like it warm, cold, thick, runny, with formula, without, mixed with baby food or by itself. I think he's heard his mommy say I want him to stay a baby one too many times!

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