Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween Pictures (just a little late)!

We really did dress our kids up this year at Halloween, but I'm just behind on posting any pictures. So, here we go. We went to Madison's parade earlier in the day at Indian Hills and then I helped out at her class party (that was interesting)! That night we dressed all 3 kids up and went trick-or-treating around in Sherwood Park and then in our neighborhood. The girls had a blast and during the time Taegan was awake, he looked like he was having fun!!

Madison and her friends at school!

We bought each of the girls Princess dresses for our trip to DisneyWorld in January. Don decided then that with as much as they cost, the girls were wearing them for Halloween. (Then he says we're framing them and putting them on display... we'll see).

Madison was Sleeping Beauty. Lily was Cinderella. Such pretty princesses!

And our little bundle of joy... Taegan, dressed up as our little monkey! That has been his nickname since he was born and we discovered he had such long monkey toes!

Our 2 princesses and little monkey!

Here is the "gang" that went trick-or-treating around Sherwood Park together. Caden, Josh, Maddox, Brennen, Madison, Lily and Lauren... so cute!!

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Laura Fluke said...

Very cute pictures... the girls are absolutely beautiful.