Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our new tradition and my house... the pit.

Last year on Thanksgiving our family started a new tradition. We decided we would put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving morning while we watched the Thanksgiving day parade. (Otherwise our tree doesn't get put up until the next weekend and it just seems so late.)

So this year on Thanksgiving we put our tree up. The kids love it and had a great time, but I kept thinking, how am I going to get this mess picked up. We all got ready and at 2:00 we had dinner with Don's side of the family and then came back home, packed up the kids and drove them over to Don's parents where they spent the night so Don and I could go shopping at 4:00 in the morning! So, we came home after dropping the kids off and did laundry, packed some, finished looking at the ads and went to bed early since we got up at 3:00! The next day we went shopping, picked the kids up, had breakfast with the rest of our early morning shoppers and then came back home and loaded the van to head to Carthage where my family lives. The next two days we spent with my family, having another dinner and did more shopping. Today we had to be here at noon to help prepare the church for the kids choir performance next week. So, we packed up and were at the church at noon, the kids and I went and ate with my in-laws and then drove back to church to pick up Don (he should have been done). Well, Don wasn't done and won't come home until after practice tonight (8:00), but the kids and I have to be back at church at 6:00. So... what does this mean... I got to unload the van by myself and add it to the mess that was already all over my house. Now, I know what you are thinking. Why is she telling me all of this? So I can show you the pit that is my house right now! It is horrible. Here are a few pictures...

My couch - you can't sit on it! This is where the laundry got folded and sorted. Obviously the laundry fairy did not visit my house while I was gone and put it away.

Another chair full of laundry and other bags we took to Carthage.

The rest of the Christmas decorations that need to be put up and the kids bags we took to Carthage. Oh, and notice the stairs. You can barely make it up them without tripping on... more laundry (and toys)!!

And then where do you put all the gifts and great finds from the early morning shopping Friday? Our bed. Now we have to keep the bedroom door closed at all times until I find places to hide all the kids gifts.

But don't worry! This is the tree. The reason my house looks the way it does. I'm not sure it is worth it.

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Laura Fluke said...

Very nice looking tree! I am sure once everything is back to normal (hopefully before Christmas, right??)you will enjoy all the hard work that went into getting it out!!! I am so with you though!