Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun!!

Lily's preschool recently took a field trip to Gary's Pumpkins. Lily was SO excited for her first field trip! It was the perfect day for it and we had so much fun!! Once we were there we got to ride on a "train" according to Taegan (by far his favorite part) out to the pumpkin patch so they could choose their pumpkins. They both found ones that had really long stems that they liked. (Since then both of the pumpkins have lost their stems - long story.) Here are Lily and Taegan after "picking" their pumpkins. I tried and tried to get a picture where they are both looking at me, apparently that's not going to happen.

I finally get Taegan to look at me and Lily looks away! Oh well...

Before snack time we stopped to get a big group picture. Here they all are.
Lily's best friend at preschool is a little girl named Riley. Lily talks about her all the time and draws pictures for her too. I'm so glad she is making new friends. Here they are playing together.

Lily is trying to see how tall she is this fall.

After snack we had time to go play at their playground. Lily wanted nothing to do with the big slides, but opted to just swing instead. (She's not my dare-devil.)
Taegan LOVED the playground and especially loved the bridge and smaller slide. I bet he ran across the bridge 30 times while we were there!

Lily pretending to be a scarecrow. How cute!

One final picture by the pumpkins. I'm so glad she is going to such a great preschool where they get to go on all these fun trips and experience so much! Happy Fall!!!

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