Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lily's 1st Day of Preschool!!!

Lily was so excited to start preschool! She couldn't wait to get ready and have her picture taken in the same places we always take Madison's 1st day of school pics. She is more than ready for preschool too. We planned on her going last year, but some unexpected car issues that led to us having to purchase a new car for Don pushed back her start. I know she is ready, but are Mommy and Daddy ready for her to move on to this new phase in her life? NO!!! I can't believe my baby girl is 5 and starting preschool. Time really does fly by way too fast! But it doesn't matter, ready or not, she is off to preschool...

Here she is on her first day ~ all smiles!

Out in front of our "first day of school tree".

A picture of her cute backpack she picked out. (It is a kitty cat.)

Of course, Taegan had to get in on some of the pictures.

We took all these same pictures of Madison on her first day and Lily remembered them. We had to take a picture by this sign and the Prince of Peace sign.

Again Taegan had to be in a picture with his big sister!

Here she is posing on the Prince of Peace sign. So cute and so grown up!!

After they opened the doors to her classroom, I walked in with her and she hung up her backpack and then we walked over to the table with her nametag on it. She got hers and then posed for this final picture before I left. She was SO happy and SO excited and it all shows in this picture. She is so cute and that smile just melts my heart! When I was walking away, she turned and started helping some other kids find their nametag - always so caring and helpful. That's my Lily!!!

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