Friday, September 10, 2010

Madison the Cheerleader!!

From the time Madison was very little she has always wanted to be a cheerleader. She loves it! The last 2 years she has participated in a cheer camp through Washburn University. She liked it, but we thought we would try Washburn Rural High Schools this year instead. You go for practice one Saturday and 30 minutes before it is over they perform what they learned for you. It ranges from K-6th grade and they are all so cute! You can barely see her in this picture, but she is in the very back row in the middle wearing the light pink shorts.

Here she is after cheer camp was over. A few of the high school cheerleaders let her pose for this picture. She just loved it!!

Then last Friday night she got to perform at Washburn Rural's first home football game. Here is a picture before the game.

She is such a poser!!
She is on the back row again (don't they know how short my daughter is?!). This is just a snapshot while they were getting ready to perform, but you can tell how much she is enjoying herself. She just loves it!!!

Now we are all serious!!

She is just so cute when she is that happy and excited!

In the middle during another cheer...

She stopped long enough for Daddy to get a picture.

At the end of their cheer they did a stunt and, of course, Madison was the top of the pyramid (poor girl got her height from me).

She absolutely loved the whole experience and we will definitely do it again next year!!

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