Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Topeka Railroad Festival

On Saturday we decided to take the kids to the Great Overland Station's Topeka Railroad Festival. We had never been there and Taegan is really into trains right now, so we thought it would be a good family outing. We got there around 12:30 so it was already hot so we headed straight inside. Here are Don and Taegan checking out the model trains. They were quite impressive and Taegan LOVED them. Every time the train would come around again he would yell, "Choo-choo train, choo-choo train!!!"

Here are Madison and Lily getting a good look as well.

There were many stormtroopers walking around inside. This was the first one we came to, so the girls had to have their picture taken with him. (Madison even got to hold his gun!! Apparently that is why she still needed her sunglasses on!)

More trains to look at. Taegan just loved this stuff, which is so exciting to watch. I never knew how much fun it would be to watch your son really get into boy stuff, but it is!

He's still there. He did not want to move!

Here are all 3 getting to take a turn driving the train. They were very excited to be able to push buttons, pull levers and everything else you do to drive a train.

So much fun!!
Taegan saying "cheese"! I don't know why, but I love looking back at pictures and seeing the stage where your kids do this. It really cracks me up.

One of the only things that got Taegan away from the model trains was when the big trains would come through the station. He would just stand there for hours.

A fun pretend train to play in.

What adorable kids!!!

When we got upstairs R2D2 was there to greet us. The girls were all excited. Taegan was very intrigued with it, but wasn't sure about actually getting his picture taken. Or maybe it was the tall guy all in black with the gun standing beside him!

Upstairs they had a Star Wars exhibit you could walk through. The girls favorite part of the exhibit was the little miniature figurines that you could play with.

Don and Taegan checking out all the memorabilia. Don is probably a little more interested than Taegan. He says that will change after Taegan sees the movies!!

Right when we were getting ready to leave, all the characters assembled in the room so you could have your picture taken with them. Lily wanted to and Madison decided at the last minute she would to. Taegan - he was hiding behind Don and I no where close to the freaky looking people!

After we were done inside we stopped for a few minutes and watched this guy do some yo-yo tricks. The kids really loved it!

That's when the day went downhill... fast! The one thing our kids asked for over and over and OVER, was to ride the train. Don and I promised that we would make sure we did. When we made it to the train "station" the line was pretty long, so I stood in line while Don took the kids around to look at more stuff. 30 minutes later I was still in line (in the heat with no shade!) but we were getting closer. We waited some more, and finally got to the front of the line just as the train filled up. The kids were disappointed, but we only had to wait for the train to go around once and it was our turn!!!! We could handle this... right? That's when Don noticed that the train wasn't starting. Ugh... Yep, the train's battery died, right then, with us at the front of the line, finally. But don't worry, they MIGHT have a spare battery in some shed somewhere! Okay!! So we wait in line some more while some guy walked ridiculously slow to somewhere that had to have been 50 miles away, only to come back with nothing. Ugh... So they get on the phone again and figure out the moron (I mean kind train operator) didn't look in the right spot for the battery. So, they both leave this time and again it takes forever! Why you may ask are we still waiting and haven't given up? Because by this time I had waited over an hour in this crazy line and I wasn't leaving it until my kids got to ride this train!!! They both eventually came back and they were carrying a battery!!!! YAY!!! We waited some more while they took the old battery off - breaking their ONLY wrench in the process, and tried to get the new battery on. At some point during this process they finally figured out that the battery was a side mount battery and they needed a top mount. Yeah I have no idea what all that means, but what it meant for us is that we could not, after waiting for about an hour and a half, ride the train. Talk about disappointment!! And the kids were pretty upset too! ;-) I just kept hearing, "But I wanted to ride the train!" and "I ride choo-choo?". It was so sad. Before we left, the kids at least wanted to sit in the crazy train that caused all the problems - here they are.
I normally try and reason things like this out in my mind. For example if I'm caught in horrid traffic then maybe God is protecting me from some accident somewhere. I always try and think that there has to be a reason for everything, right? But what could really have happened? A horrid accident with a mini train going 3 miles an hour around a parking lot? Who knows! I guess we will never know.
Before we left, the kids took one last look at the big trains, just wishing they could have ridden one. So, so sad...

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