Thursday, June 17, 2010

We Have New Carpet!!!

When Don and I figured out we couldn't afford to move to a bigger house like we were planning on, we decided that we would make some improvements to our current house so we would enjoy it more. So... the Saturday before Memorial Day we went carpet shopping. We decided to replace all the carpet in the house with new, luxurious frieze carpet! Here are a few shots of our old, horribly stained carpet. FYI... don't ever spill orange pop on your carpet and not get it cleaned up completely. (It doesn't ever come out!!!)

We had to have everything off the floor and all furniture completely empty by Tuesday morning. I figured they would start either upstairs or downstairs and we could live in whatever area they weren't in, but I was wrong. They started in Taegan's room and my bedroom at the same time. So, needless to say, we lived in quite a mess all day. The kids and I stayed in the living room most of the morning and then that afternoon moved to the basement. Here is a shot during the morning mess.

We eventually got everything cleaned up and organized. Don even humored me and let me rearrange furniture in our bedroom and the girls room. Here are few pictures of the house with the new carpet.

Here are a couple close-ups.

We absolutely love it and so do the kids! It is so soft! Madison came in yesterday and just laid down on the floor feeling the carpet. It takes so little to make them happy!!

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Lyda Tavorn said...

Ha ha... yeah, it's best to find a way to clean those carpet stains before they turn into a bigger mess. With that said, congrats on the new carpet! It does look good and it's quite amazing how it can really improve the look of home, right? Well, I hope you guys continue to enjoy that!