Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekend at Nana and Papa's House

Last weekend we traveled to Carthage to see my parents, go to my cousin, Alicia's wedding and celebrate Father's day with my dad. We had a wonderful time, except for Madison getting some strange bug during the wedding. :-(

The wedding was beautiful and afterwards we were all invited to the reception. Taegan had to sit by his Papa, of course, at the dinner. Here they both are during dinner.
At one point in the middle of dinner Taegan reached over and just held onto my dad's hand. So cute and do I even need to tell you how much my dad loved it?!?!

I was trying to have Don take a decent picture of Taegan and I, but this is as good as we could get. We took away his pacifier when he turned 2, so I guess we can't do anything about him putting his fingers in his mouth. Ugh...

During the dollar dance, Don and Taegan took their turn dancing with Alicia. Taegan looks a little scared, but I think he had a good time!

Because I don't ever learn my lessons the easy way, I thought it would be a good idea to try and get a new family picture while we were all dressed up. 10 or so pictures later, this was as good as it got. Poor Madison felt so bad, Taegan refused to look at the camera and I was pretty frustrated by this time trying to get him to look at my dad. Oh well.

Don promised Lily they would dance, so before Nana and Papa took the kids home, Daddy and Lily had their dance.

Then before they left, Lily and Tiya took their turn. You can just tell on Lily's face how much she loves Tiya!!

On Sunday we celebrated Father's day before we headed back to Topeka. We got my mom and dad a web cam for Mother's day and Father's day. We have already used it and the kids LOVE it! They love being able to see my parents and talk to them at the same time!

Here is Taegan "helping" my dad with his cards. YIKES!

While Don and I were busy packing up the van, my dad was playing "Pat-a-Cake" with Taegan. Here they are doing "roll it up and roll it up".

Can you tell he loves this?!?!

I'll post a video of this game next. It is so cute watching the two of them together!!

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