Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Baby Turned 2!!!

3 years ago, Don and I weren't sure if we wanted to try for another baby after loosing Reese, but lucky for us, God had other plans. Two years ago we had our happy ending when Taegan was born. What a perfect addition to our family!! He is energetic, SO happy, and the most adorable little boy EVER!!!! He can be doing something incredibly wrong, but he just looks at you with those big blue eyes and blond hair and he melts your heart! He is very stubborn and very spoiled by his two sisters that dote on him 24/7 and don't like him to ever get in trouble. He is very talkative and is just growing up more and more every day!! I look forward to seeing what he becomes, but I'm also scared that it's all going to go by way too quickly. In the mean time, I couldn't be happier. Happy Birthday Taegan!! I love you so much and I'm so happy to be your Mommy!!!!

This is the day of his birthday party. We had a monkey theme and had the party at our church. Here is Uncle Eric letting Taegan make a basket!

I bought his second birthday party supplies before he was even 8 months old. I saw them online and fell in love with them. We call him our "monkey" and these were perfect!!! Here was his cake.

We also had Patti, the balloon lady, come and make balloon animals for all the kids. She is a professional clown and did a fantastic job!! She also does face painting and plays games with the kids!

Here are the kids playing one of her games.

After the party we came back to our house and my parents and Uncle Eric and Aunt Tiya gave him this John Deere ride-on toy. It is battery powered and he LOVES that he can go anywhere he wants!!

Here he is in the grass riding along!

Tuesday, May 25th, was his actual birthday. We had a relaxing morning, if you can't tell. He and Lily made a "bed" for him to watch TV in out of my laundry basket. I guess it at least gives me a excuse for not doing laundry that day!! =)

Before heading to lunch we went to SportClips and tried round 2 on getting our hair cut. It did go better than the first time, but still not great. He cried the whole time and REALLY hated the clippers, but we got through it and here is the end result. I love it and it is so cute on him. Although it does make him look a little too old for this mommy's liking.

That evening we went to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. Taegan had a couple more gifts to open. Here is his baseball glove and ball from Aunt Jenn, Uncle Brian and Elsie.

Grandma and Grandpa got him some more collector John Deere tractors.

When the waiter at Chili's saw him opening gifts, she asked if it was his birthday. We said yes, so the next thing you know, we have lots of waiters singing "Happy Birthday" to him. He was most impressed with the cake. Look at that look on his face!!

Here is his other gift from Aunt Jenn - a golf set. As you can tell, he loved it!!

When we got home we gave Taegan his gifts from us. Here he is with his new baseball tee, bat and ball. He loves anything to do with balls if you couldn't tell.

Don is teaching him the proper way to hold the bat...

They swing...
He was so proud of himself!! He played golf and baseball for a long time that night. What a great day!!

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