Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Baby Turns 3!!

Yeah, I know... my baby turned 3 over 2 months ago!! But, in my defense, school got out and spending a fun summer with my kids got in the way! So, now that summer break is almost over, I'm going to try and update my blog a little more often! I said "try".

Taegan picked out what kind of 3rd birthday party he wanted last September. He was just a little over 2 and we had just gone to his best friend's birthday party at Sk8away. He had SO much fun and I couldn't believe how well he did on the skates! So, I booked the date and I had such an excited little boy!!

His day finally came and he loved it!! Here he is after getting his skates on and ready to go.

His big sister, Madison has had a few skating parties to perfect her skating skills.

Lily is still getting use to the skates, but had fun. After a couple kindergarten skating parties she'll be great!
Here are some of the kids that were there. We decided to have a private party so the smaller kids didn't have to worry about bigger kids running over them. It was so worth it!!

After some fun skating time, we stopped to eat cake and open presents. Here is the Thomas cake Taegan's grandma made him. He loved it!!

Three whole candles! Where did the time go?!? This is my baby!!

He really got into blowing out the candles and may have gotten a little too close for comfort! Don't worry, he was fine!!

Enjoying his cake! YUM!!

Some more of the party goers.

They all seem to be enjoying themselves!

Time to open gifts! He got so many wonderful gifts and has honestly loved playing with all of them!

We had a great time, except one minor thing! This was the night of the tornadoes that came through Topeka. We were under a tornado warning some of the time. The workers were carrying around flashlights and weather radios! It wasn't the most ideal situation, but God protected us and the party went on without a hitch. We all had a great time celebrating Taegan turning 3!!

A few days later when his actual birthday came, we gave him his main gift from us. We made him sit like this while we brought his gift in...

His very own tricycle!! He was SO excited!! Until now he was using his sister's pink and purple tricycle! YAY!!!!

He loves cards too!! Especially if they play music!!

After opening his gifts we headed out to CiCi's for dinner!! Because it was his birthday he got to make his own pizza!! Here he is with his finished pizza ready to bake!!

I can't believe my baby boy has turned three! It seems like yesterday he was born and brought such joy to our family! He was definitely chosen by God to complete our family. I love you so much Taegan! You have this mommy completely wrapped around your little finger and I'm so happy about it!!!

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