Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night!

Last night was Meet the Teacher Night at Indian Hills. This was our first year with 2 kids on this crazy night and boy does that double the craziness! (For some reason my pictures posted backwards and I'm not sure why, so I'm just going with it!)

Here is Madison with her new 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Conrow. This was the teacher she was hoping she would get and because of that, Madison was so excited! (Apparently Mrs. Conrow gives out candy when you finish your homework!)

Getting ready to unpack her supplies!

Here we both are reading the packet of information for all the new 3rd graders.

Madison has been nervous about starting 3rd grade, I think because of all the comments she's heard about how hard it is. I keep telling her all her hard work is going to pay off now. She really did work SO hard during the summer! I know she is ready!!

Our first stop of the night was meeting Mrs. Andrews. Madison had Mrs. Andrews when she was in kindergarten and because of that, Lily didn't think she really needed to "meet" her. I convinced her that we had to at least go to unpack her supplies and see her classroom. Here are Madison and Lily with Mrs. Andrews. She really is a great teacher!

Here is Lily with Mrs. Andrews, ready for a fantastic year!!

While Mommy unpacked everything and signed up for a million things... Lily checked out the classroom.

I can't believe my Lily is a kindergartner now! She seemed reserved last night, but she is definitely ready; I'm just not sure about me! Lily has always been such a special little girl and I know she will put her mark on Mrs. Andrew's class at Indian Hills! Don calls her a kindred spirit, and I really believe she is. She is so caring and would give up anything she has if it would make someone else happy. I hope her light shines that bright there!! I love you and will miss you so much Lily!!

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