Monday, April 25, 2011

My Future Kindergartner!!!

A couple of weeks ago Don and I took our little baby girl (Who amazingly is now 5 1/2! How is that even possible?!?) to Kindergarten Round-Up!! I can't believe Lily is old enough to be leaving me in the fall. It still seems like she should be my little toddler playing around the house. Wow time flies!!

The theme for Kindergarten Round-Up this year was "Candy Land". The kids get to meet the teachers, play games, have a snack, ride the bus and do a little testing; all while the parents sit through a meeting! It's definitely better on their end! Everything was decorated so cute! Here she is all ready to go.

And another shot in front of the beautiful candy house. They go all out at Indian Hills!!

Lily had so much fun and now can't wait until school starts! I remember Madison doing the same thing. Madison even had me make a countdown with the days remaining until she started Kindergarten! Wow how things change once they actually go to school!! =)

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