Thursday, October 22, 2009

Madison's Makeover Party!

A friend had told me about a makeover party her daughter had been invited to attend, and when I told Madison about it, she was SO excited to do that for her 7th birthday!! We had 8 girls there and they all got their hair fixed, nails painted and makeup put on. They all seemed to have a blast (I know Madison and Lily did!).

Madison really enjoyed spending time with all her friends and had so much fun getting made over with them!!
Here is a picture of Madison and Faith (her best friend from Kindergarten) getting their nails painted.

While some of the girls were waiting their turn to go to the next station, we took this picture. Here are Lily, KayLynn, Madison and Erica.

And here is the final picture of the whole bunch after they were all done. They all did so good and it was such an easy party for me!!!

Happy Birthday Madison! I hope you had a wonderful time!!

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Laura Fluke said...

What a fun idea!!! Looks like she had a blast!