Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brick Oven Update

I finally gave up on my husband calling Brick Oven to complain about our Valentine's day experience, so I called and spoke to one of the managers yesterday. She listened to me vent about our horrible evening and then apologized about how her restaurant had contributed to it. She said she was appalled by the thought that one of their waiters called us at home. She said they should never call a customer, but especially if it was their fault that they wrote the credit card number down wrong. She also admitted that the $50 extra that the waiter said it would cost the restaurant if we waited to process the bill till the next day, was a total lie on his part. I explained that we were so disappointed that we weren't coming back and she said she hated that this experience was the last time Brick Oven would have to leave an impression on us. So, she offered us a $50 gift certificate to make it up to us and hoped that we would take advantage of the offer and come try them again. I agreed to take it and come back some time. So, in the end I got want I wanted that night, someone to admit that what was going on was ridiculous and offer to comp our meals. This way they covered the cost of our meals plus some extra. So, hopefully the next time we return, we will have a much better dinner.

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